Legal Notices & RFP

Request For Proposal




The purpose of this request is to contract with an attorney who is licensed and practicing in the State of Ohio for the provision of administrative hearings and follow up issues as it pertains to Child Support Enforcement. This contract will cover legal services to establish paternity, establishment and modification of child support orders and medical support coverage obligations and enforcement of support orders.

The administrative officer’s duties shall include, but not be limited to, issuing orders pertaining to paternity including genetic testing, and support orders in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. The officer may schedule and conduct conferences and hearings related to the issues of paternity and the payment of support to include review and adjustment and mistake of fact hearings along with other administrative duties as determined by the CSEA director. The administrative hearing officer will compile a record of the proceeding, write journal entries, with copies of all documents and exhibits submitted. The administrative hearing officer will also maintain files a manner that would make the record acceptable and accessible for court use.

Significant experience in working collaboratively with a public child support enforcement agency is required for all candidates.

Please send letter of interest and qualifications by May 23, 2019 to:

Amy Metz-Simon, Director

Fulton County Job & Family Services

604 S. Shoop Avenue, Suite 200

Wauseon, OH 43567

Phone (419) 337-0010

Fax (419) 337-9628