Company FREE Workshops

Starting June 2021, OhioMeansJobs|Fulton County be offering FREE Awareness workshops.  


These trainings consist of:

Basic Transportation Compliance Workshop

limited-seating-register now Opens in new windowHow to make Social Media work for your business

Introduction to QuickBooks

Mental Health First Aid

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 

OSHA-authorized 10 Hour General Industry

Supervisory Skills Certificate Series

Youth Mental Health First Aid

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  1. Supervisory Skills Certificate Series

    Well-trained supervisors can achieve outstanding results for your organization!

    Invest in your supervisors today by registering. In this popular series, supervisors will learn from industry experts with relevant, real-life experience the key skills needed to successfully lead their teams and achieve desired results. Each section of the series is conveniently scheduled at two 8 hour in length classes and one 4 hour in length class.

    Supervisors will learn how to:

    • Understand the importance of the leadership role and its impact on their teams and the organization
    • Motivate employees and build an effective team
    • Manage performance and effectively conduct performance feedback sessions
    • Understand workplace compliance issues including the FMLA, ADA, and EEO
    • Create a positive, civil work environment and resolve issues
    • Communicate effectively to achieve results
    • Recognize and address substance abuse issues in the workplace
    • Implement and guide change
    • Build teamwork and cooperation among employees
    • Develop best practices for hiring smart
    • And much more!

    Attendees who successfully complete all three sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Employers’ Association that recognizes their achievement.

    Dates: :  August 11,18 & 25 or October 7,14 or 21 or November 16, 23 & 30
    Time: 8am to 430pm (Only need to attend all three consecutive classes in a row to complete the course.)
    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    Mental Health First Aid

    Mental illnesses such as depression are associated with higher rates of disability and unemployment. Depression interferes with a person’s ability to complete physical job tasks about 20% of the time and reduces cognitive performance about 35% of the time. Only 57% of employees who report moderate depression and 40% of those who report severe depression receive treatment to control depression symptoms. Even after taking other health risks—like smoking and obesity—into account, employees at high risk of depression had the highest health care costs during the 3 years after an initial health risk assessment. (

    Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This 8 hr training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis. Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employee: Job performance and productivity. Communication with coworkers. Physical capability and daily functioning.

    Dates: June 17 or August 26 or December 7, 2021

    Time: 8am to 430pm

    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    Youth Mental Health First Aid

    Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders in youth. This 8-hour training gives adults who work with youth the skills they need to reach out and provide initial support to children and adolescents (ages 6-18) who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem and help connect them to the appropriate care. This course teaches participants how to assist a youth in non-crisis and crisis situations.                    

    Dates: July 22 or September 30  or December 16, 2021

    Time: 8am to 430pm

    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    OSHA-authorized 10 Hour General Industry

    This workshop is intended to provide entry level general industry workers information about their rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint as well as how to identify, abate, avoid and prevent job related hazards on a job site. The workshop covers a variety of general industry safety and health hazards which a worker may encounter. 10 Hour course delivered over a two day period

    All participants will receive a certificate of completion and a student completion card from OSHA.

    Dates: October 18 & 19, 2021 or November 18 & 19, 2021

    Time: Training is held over a 1 ½ day period. Class time is 8am to 430pm on the first day and 8am to Noon on the second day.

    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    How to make Social Media work for your business

     If you are not using social media to market your business in 2021, you are missing the boat. Did you know Facebook is not only the largest social network, but it is also the world's largest ad network? It's even bigger than Google! 

    In this session you will learn how to properly market your small or medium sized business on the major social media platforms. Learn how to run ads like an agency and stop people from scrolling past your message.

    Set your small business up for success! Sign up for the Small Business Social Media Course today! 

    Dates: August 17, 2021


    Time:  8am to 430pm

    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    Conflict is an inevitable part of human communication and can be expected when different people with different ideas must collaborate to complete a singular task. The sharing of ideas, attitudes, opinions and beliefs can be a challenge when people do not initially agree. When conflicts are resolved, employees see benefits in the form of new ideas, better solutions and improved working relationships. On the other hand, unresolved conflict costs U.S. companies $359 billion dollars a year in paid hours. This workshop provides strategies to help workers re-frame conflict as a natural and beneficial part of the creative process. We will offer methods to help manage conflict proactively. The learner will leave this workshop empowered with a better understanding of their own communication style and how to use if for effective collaboration with others. 
    Dates: July 13, 2021 or September 16, 2021                                         
    Times: 8am to 430pm                                           
    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    Basic Transportation Compliance Workshop

    Everyone fears the Department of Transportation!

    This program will give you the tools, prepare you to better understand the regulations, and help you to be more Comfortable with compliance. You will learn an overview of trucking safety fundamentals including:

    • Registration Requirements
    • Driver Qualification Files
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Hours of Service
    • Controlled Substance and Alcohol
    • Accidents
    • CSA
    • FMCSR

    Dates: August 12, 2021 or November 9, 2021
    Time:  8am to 430pm
    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

    Introduction to QuickBooks

    Description Learn the basics of working with QuickBooks to manage your business financials.

    Topic Outline

    Getting Started

    • Opening QuickBooks Centers
    • Opening Other QuickBooks Windows
    • Identifying Common Business Terms

    Setting Up a Company

    • Creating a QuickBooks Company
    • Using the Chart of Accounts

    Working with Lists

    • Creating Company Lists
    • Working with the Customer: Job List             
    • Working with the Employee & Vendor Lists

    Setting Up Inventory

    • Entering Products into Inventory
    • Receiving/Paying for Inventory
    • Manually Adjusting Inventory

    Selling Your Product

    • Creating Invoices
    • Making Cash Sales

    Invoicing for Services

    • Setting Up a Service Item
    • Creating a Service Invoice
    • Entering Statement Charges
    • Creating Billing Statements

    Processing Payments

    • Receiving Payments for Invoices
    • Making Deposits/Printing Statements

    Working with Bank Accounts

    • Writing a QuickBooks Check
    • Using Bank Account Registers
    • Transferring Funds Between Accounts
    • Reconciling Checking Accounts

    Entering and Paying Bills

    • Accounts Payable
    • Entering/Paying Bills

    Using Online Banking

    • Activating Accounts
    • Creating/Canceling Online Payments
    • Transferring Funds Online

    Dates: July 15 or September 21, 2021


    Time:  8am to 430pm

    Location: 152 S. Fulton St. Wauseon, OH 43567

Resume writting Workshop

Resume Writing Workshop will be held on Tuesdays at 8:30 am.  Resume classes are open to anyone who is seeking employment and is interested in creating or improving their resume. OhioMeansJobs|Fulton staff will be on hand to train and guide participants on building resumes unique to each individual’s situation. Participants will have access to computers in the OhioMeansJobs|Fulton Computer lab to create their resume and will leave the training with a completed resume. Limited seating is available for this classes, and reservations are required.  

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