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  1. On what kind of foundation is your house built?
    Please indicate the portion of each (excluding the garage).
  2. FLOOR
  3. WALLS
  5. Please list the number of rooms on each floor.
    (excluding the bathrooms & laundry)
  6. Please list the number of bedrooms on each floor.
  7. Does this house have a fireplace?
  8. If yes, what kind is it?
  9. Does the house have central air/geothermal?
  10. Does the house have heat?
  11. His/her sinks, laundry room sink, wet bar sink or additional sink in kitchen?
  12. Have you remodeled/improved this house in the last 7 years?
  13. New Construction or Remodeling
    Check the kind of structure(s)/ building(s) you have built or remodeled (including unfinished projects).
  14. Does this include labor?
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