Enforcement / Responsibilites

Please refer to Revised Code 955.12 for full information.

Stray Dogs

If you come across a stray dog, please contact our office at 419-337-9219. Please be prepared to tell us the following information:

Location of where the dog was last seen.

Description of the dog including breed, color, size, hair length, collar/tag information.

Complaints Regarding Dog Issues

All complaints regarding dog issues are investigated by the Dog Warden. For complaints, please contact 419-337-9219.

Injured Dogs

If you come across an injured dog, please contact our office immediately at 419-337-9219. Injured dogs with tags will be immediately transported to a veterinarian for evaluation. Injured dogs without tags will be held with the Dog Warden. Attempts at locating the owner will be made and all decisions will be held at the Dog Warden’s discretion as noted in Revised Code 955.16.

Dog Bites

All dog bites are investigated by the Fulton County Dog Warden in conjunction with the Fulton County Health Department. Any dog that has bitten someone is subject to a mandatory 10 day rabies quarantine period. This quarantine period can be done at a local vet, dog pound or in the owners home providing that the adequate criteria can be met.

It is state law that any dog bite must be reported to the appropriate authorities which include the Dog Warden, local police, Sheriff's Department or the Health Department.

A dog bite is described as any time a dog breaks the skin of a person with it's teeth. Medical treatment is always suggested and a bite report will be recorded at this point.

Any doctor or medical facility is obligated under the Ohio Revised Code to fill out a bite report and forward such to the appropriate authorities.

If the family dog bites a family member this procedure must still be followed.