Victim Services Division

Prior to the creation of the Victim Services Division, many victims of non-violent crimes were overlooked. Now all victims are notified at each level of the criminal justice system including: arraignment, pre-trials, status hearings, pleas, sentencing, motion hearings and judicial release. The program is designed to provide information and support to victims of crime as their case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

The Victim Service Division provides the following services:

•Informing Victims of the status of their case.
•Advocating on behalf of Victims.
•Informing Victims of their rights.
•Connecting Victims to the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program.
•Discussing Victim safety.
•Providing referrals.
•Speaking to community groups, and schools on specific crime issues.
•Coordinate with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to halt unwanted contact from a prisoner.