Family Support Services

What is Family Support Services (FSS)?

Family Support Services is a program that monetarily assists families who have members with developmental disabilities. This money is used to help families who purchase allowable items or services to help them take care of the person with DD in their home.

Individuals can apply for available funds on an annual basis.

Who can receive this money?

Any family who has a person living with them who has DD may apply for funds through this program. For individuals who are not currently receiving other services from the Fulton County Board of DD, the individual must be determined Board eligible prior to determining eligibility for the FSS program. 

What can this money be used for?

FSS Funds can be used for a number of things including:

  • Purchase of special equipment (wheelchairs, braces, hearing aids, communication devices, ect.);
  • Modification of the home to help make it more accessible to a person with DD (ex. widening doorways, lowering shelves, modifying a bathroom, ect,);
  • Respite Services to allow the family to take a break and get rest from caring for a person who has DD;
  • Special diets.

How do I sign up for Family Support Services?

Contact your SSA, Early Intervention Service Coordinator or the FCBDD Office at 419-337-4575 or see the forms attached below.

*Fulton County FSS is supported by local levy funds and community donations.

FSS Application

FSS Request