Fuel Services


100LL and 94UL are located towards the East end of the Apron, on the North side of the Main Hanger



1. Insert payment in card reader*
2. Follow prompts from machine  
    a) type of fuel? b) purchasing by gal or dollar amount? c) amount purchasing?
3. Lift lever with ribbon on right side of dispensers to activate pumps
4. Fuel from hose in white hut to the right of dispenser
5. When finished, return lever to downward position

*If paying with cash or check, please see Airport staff for assistance



Self Serve pump: 24-hour accessibility 
$5.49/ gallon

100LL is a blue transparent fluid that high is in octane and still contains low amounts of lead in the gasoline. We have many questions on what is in our fuel, so we want to give you the most information possible before you make your purchase. Please click on the link for more additional information on what 100LL fuel is and how it came about.

"...The oil companies found that they could still meet the 100/130 octane specification with only 2 grams of lead per gallon if they increased the severity of the refinery process and topped off the blend with toluene concentrate.

A new product and a revised ASTM D-910 spec were born. To differentiate the new 2 gram limit fuel from the old unlimited lead level fuel, they chose a new color, blue, for the product. It seemed too confusing to have a 100/130 and a 100/130LL, so they started calling the new product 100LL but the new product still met the same 100 lean rating and 130 rich rating octane requirements as the old 100/130 fuels..."

                                                                       -Ben Visser


Self Serve, 24-hour accessibility 
$6.19/ gallon

"Swift Fuels' Unleaded UL94 Avgas is made of the same base hydrocarbon components as 100LL, without the addition of tetraethyl lead. Therefore, there is no impact on compatibility with the existing distribution supply chain infrastructure or engine/aircraft fuel systems. There are NO HARDWARE MODIFICATIONS required to use Unleaded UL94 Avgas in any aircraft with an engine rated at 94 Motor octane or lower. Unleaded UL94 Avgas meets or exceeds the minimum octane requirements of many of the engines manufactured by Lycoming, Continental, and Rotax.

Swift Fuels has also conducted endurance testing and dimensional analysis on our Unleaded UL94 Avgas versus 100LL on our engine test stand. Results show increased spark plug life, overall decreased engine wear and tear, significantly decreased deposit build-up, and no acidic corrosion compared to what was observed with 100LL."

Swift UL94 – A 98-Octane (R+M)/2 rated gasoline (94+ MON) used in piston aviation to replace 100LL leaded avgas for lower compression, lower octane demanding engines

                                                                        -Swift Fuels



Full Service 
$4.99/ gallon
West side of Apron

Due to this being a full service, please give a 24 hour notice if this service is needed after hours.