Welcome to the Jury Commission web page for the Fulton County Common Pleas Court. This information is being provided for use by prospective jurors, their employers and general public to gain information about jury service.

If you have received a jury summons, we hope that your time in the court will be an interesting, educational and meaningful experience. Please understand your jury service is essential to the administration of justice. Failure to respond or appear as instructed may subject you to a penalty as provided by law under Ohio Revised Code Section 2313.11. Failure to respond or appear is considered contempt of court.

The Jury Terms are as follows: January through April, May through August, and September through December. You are obligated to be available for jury service during the months indicated on your summons. The Court usually draws approximately 350 names for each term. You will receive a letter approximately ten days prior to the start of the trial, and you are required to appear on the stated date and time.

The juror information cards you complete and return to the Court are not considered public records or information. Attorneys appearing on the case may review the information you supply in preparation for their case. Jury information is destroyed at the end of your term.

Frequently asked questions regarding jury service:

1. Was my name drawn because I am a registered voter?

Possibly, jurors names are drawn from voter registration lists, driver’s license registration lists or a combination of both. Removing your name from the voter registration list will not assure you of never being called as a juror.

2. Can I change my jury term?

Unfortunately we are not able to changes the months of service you may be called for. Names are to be drawn at random. We may not place names for any particular dates or times.

3. Will I get paid for my jury service?

Reimbursement rates in Fulton County are $35.00 per day of service.

4. What if I have a medical condition that makes it difficult to serve?

You must provide a doctors slip that indicates what your issues are and why you would not be able to serve.

5. What if my employer says I may not take off work?

Under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, your employer may not threaten you with loss of your position for your compliance with the jury summons. Please report such conduct to the Court immediately.

6. What do I do if the weather is bad?

Please listen to the Archbold Radio Station, or check the County web page. If the Sheriff’s Office issues a Level 3 snow emergency, or the County Commissioners close the county offices, the trial will be continued.

7. What if I am in college?

If you are enrolled in college as a full time student and are attending classes, you may submit a written request with verification of your class schedule. You may be excused under this circumstance.

8. What if I am going on vacation?

With advance written notice of your absence from the County or State, you may request leave of your service. The Judge will make the final determination.

9. How do I check the status of my jury service?

The day before you are scheduled to appear, please call 419-337-9666.

Press 1 for information on the trial you have been called for. The recorded message will indicate if you must appear or not. You will also be able to leave a message for the jury commissioner to call you back if you have additional questions.