Items for Sale

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**Under the direction of the State Auditor's Office, we are now required to charge sales tax (7.25%)**

Items Price Each
Bluebird Nest Box $30.00
A-Shaped Wren  Nest Box $20.00
Wood Duck Nest Box $110.00
Bat Chalet $65.00
Woodpecker Feeder (center for peanuts, 2 side suet feeders) $30.00
Bird Feeder, small $40.00
Bird Feeder, Large                                      $60.00
Multi-position Wall Bracket for Hanging Feeders or Nest Boxes $10.00
Pink Marking Flags $0.10
Acorn Nut Wizard
Hickory Nut Wizard
Walnut Wizard
Ring Buoy $90.00
50' Nylon Boat Rope $16.00
Deep Water Sign (English or Spanish) $15.00
Rain Barrel, Black, Grey, Orange (55 Gallon w/ Spigot, Linking and Overflow Fitting) $70.00
Pond Safety Box (sign, box mounted on 8' post) $80.00
Pond Safety Box (sign and box) $65.00