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1. How do I qualify for the 2.5% property tax rollback?
2. What do I do if my dog gets lost?
3. Is tangible personal property (TPP) still in effect?
4. When should I license my dog?
5. Where do I purchase a dog license?
6. Must my dog wear a license?
7. Why do I need to license my dog?
8. Can I let my dog run loose if he is licensed?
9. What do I do if I find a lost dog?
10. What if I move?
11. Which school districts in Fulton County have income taxes and what are the withholding rates?
12. What is a Mobile Home Moving Permit?
13. What is the cost for a Mobile Home Conveyance Fee?
14. My company submitted an invoice to Fulton County. Has it been paid?
15. The County warrant (check) states that it must be presented within 60 days to receive payment. What if the warrant (check) is more than 60 days old?
16. How can I obtain a listing of unclaimed funds?
17. Where can I find information regarding the CAT tax?
18. Who do I call to find out what cities or villages in Fulton County have an income tax?
19. Does Fulton County have a county income tax?
20. Can you help me with my income taxes?
21. I am starting a new business and how do I do payroll?
22. When are Real Estate taxes due?
23. Do we talk to the Auditor’s Office regarding payment of taxes?
24. Do we inform the Auditor’s Office of a change in tax mailing addresses?
25. Where is the Real Estate Office?
26. Who do I contact for if I have questions regarding estates?
27. I think the Auditor's appraised value is too high for my property. What are my options?
28. What is the tax lien date?
29. Why would I want to upgrade my computer to use the new GIS / Mapping interface?
30. (GIS) How do I use the measuring tool?
31. When I use the measuring tool it works for the 1st measurement and then will not work after that, why
32. How do I find soils information for Fulton County?
33. When I use the soil identify tool it works for the 1st soil identify and then will not work after that, why