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County Zoning Permit

  1. Submit a Basic Site Plan With This Application

    In addition to the information requested on this for, the applicant is required to SUBMIT A DRAWING depicting the actual dimensions and shape of the lot, exact size and location of existing buildings on the lot, and the location and dimension of the proposed building(s) or alteration(s).

  2. Example of a Basic Site Plan

    Example of Basic Site Plan

  3. Please submit a scanned copy, word document, or PDF containing your site plan.

  4. Other Permits That May Apply to You
  5. Construction of a New Driveway

    If you are applying for a zoning permit requiring the construction of new access to a county, township, or state road, a drive permit is required.

  6. If your project required a drive permit, please upload it here.

  7. Well and Septic Permit Notice

    If you are applying for a zoning permit requiring a new septic system and/or well, you must first obtain a septic and/or well permit from the Health Department. The applicant is required to provide our office of said permits.

  8. If your project required you to obtain a septic and/or well permit, please upload it here. 

  9. Floodplain Development Permit Notice

    If you are applying for a zoning permit and your property is located within the "100 year" floodplain, a floodplain development permit is required.

  10. If your project required you to obtain a floodplain development permit, please upload it here.

  11. Wetlands Notice

    If you are applying for a zoning permit and your property is located in wetlands, your permit may be denied.

  12. This permit shall be void is work is not completed within one (1) year of the day AFTER the permit was issued.
  13. The undersigned applies for a zoning permit for the following use, said permit to be issued on the basis of the information contained within this application. The applicant hereby certifies that all informatoin and nay attachments to this application are true and correct.
  14. General Information
  15. Property Boundaries & Setback Lines
  16. If you are unsure what your lot size in acres is, please visit the Fulton County Auditor's Website and type your address in the "Search" tab.

    Your lot size in acres will be under the "Land" tab where it has "Total" bolded at the bottom of the table.

  17. Setback Lines (a.k.a. "Setbacks")

    The following factors will be considered by the Fulton County, OH Regional Planning Commission when reviewing your County Zoning Application:

    (1) Setback Lines indicate the points on your property behind which you are able to apply to build new structures. Setback Lines are "set-back" behind the road Right-of-Way line to ensure residential safety from traffic accidents, among other things.

    (2) A road's Right-of-Way refers to land that has been dedicated for public use. This land's centerline runs through the middle of a public road. The width of a Right-of-Way often extends many feet past the actual width of the road. Dedicating Right-of-Ways for roads allows legal access to emergency vehicles to the roadside and future road expansion, among other things. Right-of-Way widths vary per road.

  18. Is your property in the "100 year" floodplain?
  19. Is your property in wetlands?
  20. Please fill out the line(s) that applies to your permit application.

    All construction must be at least 40 feet away from any ditch or stream.

  21. Accessory Buildings
  22. New Buildings (Residential, Commercial, or Industrial)
  23. Fences
  24. Pools
  25. Please round to the nearest $1.

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