1. Holiday Happenings: Holiday Parades and festivities throughout Fulton County!

    Holiday Happenings

    There's a lot of Holiday Festivities in Fulton County!
  2. Underground Railroad in NW Ohio presentation by Taylor Moyer, Nov 21st at the Fayette Opera House, F
  3. Siberian Solstice at the Fayette Opera House, Dec 6th at 7 PM

    A Trans-Siberian Tribute by Siberian Solstice

    The Fayette Opera House, 105 E. Main St., Fayette , Ohio will be hosting this special Holiday Event, Dec 6th. Read on...
  4. On the Trails in Fulton County, There is much to discover.  Click for more info!

    On the Trails in Fulton County Brochure

    Discover all the "Trails in Fulton County"! Read on...
  5. Earn a &#34I Blazed the Trails&#34 T-Shirt with just 20 stamps!

Upcoming Events

  1. Elvis Tribute by Colin Dexter 
    Elvis Tribute by Colin at Fayete Opera House, Nov 16th at 7 PM