What are the responsibilities of the Weights & Measures Inspector???

The division of the weights and measures works with businesses in the county to test their devises ranging from fuel meters, timing devices, price verification, package verification, vehicle scales and vehicle tank meters.

Fuel Meters

The price on the advertised street sign should match the price posted at the gas pump. The inspector also verifies you are paying for the amount of gas you have received. County weights and measures officials test each fuel meter by dispensing five gallons into calibrated measuring containers, first at the fast (or open) speed, and then five gallons at the slow (restricted) speed. Inspectors also compare the monetary computations, check that the tamper-proof seal on the meter adjustment is in tact, in addition to other required regulated activities.

Timing Devices

Dryers in Laundry mats, car vacuums and hand held sprayers at car washes are time tested by the inspector to ensure the consumer is getting the amount of time they paid for.

Price Verification

Also known as retail checks are preformed to ensure the shelf label price matches what is scanned. Retail & convenience stores are great examples of businesses that have retail prices inspected.


Packages are checked to make sure the net contents , such as beef, poultry and pork, equal the amount of the product being sold. We ensure you are paying for the actual product and not the packaging around the product.

Vehicle Scales

Are reviewed to ensure the product is being weighed accurately. Examples of area businesses with a vehicle scale would be local granaries, fertilizer plants, steel plants, scrap yards and concrete plants.

Vehicle Tank Meters

The Ohio Department of Agriculture assists with the tests of propane delivery trucks as well as fuel delivery trucks.