Fulton County Fair

Sheriff’s Office Traffic Flow Pattern

The Sheriff’s Office during heavy traffic to and from the Fulton County Fairgrounds may direct traffic from the following gates in one direction. Gate J (Co Rd J) will be directed to the west, the North Gate (SR 108) will be directed to the north, and the South Gate (SR 108) will be directed to the south.

The Sheriff’s Office knows that this may cause some stress on those leaving the Fulton County Fairgrounds that are not familiar with the area. To help levitate that stress we would like to remind you that the Fulton County Road System is set up in square miles around the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Therefore if you keep making left or right turns you will get back to a State or US Route. We appreciate your patience in this matter and strive in trying to keep the traffic flowing as smoothly as possible during the Fulton County Fair.

Alternative Routes are posted on signs in the parking areas to help direct you to your possible destinations.

You may go directly to the Fulton County Fair's website by clicking HERE

Enjoy the Fulton County Fair and Drive Safely.

Traffic Flow Map - Fair.JPG