Posting Bond

Posting bond is to assure the defendant's appearance in court for a criminal case or for failing to appear for certain hearings in civil cases. "Bond" or "bail" is the amount of money paid to the court to guarantee a defendant will appear for the hearing. Conditions of bail can be imposed by the Judge restricting and limiting contact with victims or witnesses; mandating contact by the defendant with Court personnel, including Court appointed agency or various other requirements.

Bail bonds may be posted 24 hours a day for someone who has been arrested and booked into jail.

Contact the court at (419) 337-9212 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday.

Contact the Wauseon Police Department at (419)335-3821 if the Court is closed.

In some instances bail bonds are not set until the defendant has had his/her first appearance before a Judge. (Violent misdemeanors and felony charges) In cases where a bail bond has been set, you need to know the following:

Types of Bond
Surety BondThe bail bond is posted for the defendant by a Professional bonding company for a fee. Bail Bondsmen are listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. The Court cannot recommend a Bondsmen to you. A Surety bond can not be posted for court fines and costs.
Cash BondThe full amount of the bond set by the Court must be paid by either cash, credit card or a certified check/money order. If you are paying by certified check/money order it must be made payable to Western District Court.
At the defendant's next court date as assigned when posting bond, the posted bond will be addressed by the Judge. If you are posting bond for someone you must decide who's name the receipt will reflect. As a bailor, you will be asked for your complete name, address and phone number. If the bond is for fines/costs, the amount may be forfeited to be applied towards the balance due and owing to the court or it may be placed on deposit until the case is completed.
10% CashIf ordered by the Court the amount of bond required to be posted is 10% of the total. (If bond is set at $3,000.00 the required cash deposit would be $300.00)
At the completion of the case the amount refunded to the bailor is 10% less then the amount posted. (If the amount posted was $300.00 (10% of $3,000.00) the Court would keep $30.00 and the refund check to the bailor would be $270.00.
Own Recognizance (O.R. Bond)A recognizance bond requires the defendant to sign a recognizance form indicating that he/she will appear in Court until the case is completed.
Failure to appear after signing a recognizance bond is punishable by six months in jail and/or a $1000.00 fine, regardless of the out come of the original charge.

***All of the above bonds are subject to additional orders and conditions of the court. Upon a hearing bonds may be revoked or amended by the court.***