2021 Art Contest

Why Counties Matter

National County Government Month is held in April of each year. Since the County Commissioners are not able to offer school tours this year they are excited to announce a wonderful opportunity to integrate a short video into school curriculum about “Why County Government Matters.”  

The excitement behind this message is not just because of the curriculum piece but to also announce an art contest based off informational videos. We are asking Fulton County students (grades 1-12, ages 18 and under) to take what was learned from the videos and depict “I love my county because” in a piece of artwork. There will be 12 winners! One from each grade. And we will submit the winners on behalf of Fulton County to the National Association of Counties (NACo) for another contest.


  • Commissioners release video to schools: March 15th
  • Deadline for art work to Commissioners attention Lauren Lester: April 12th, COB
  • Judging by Commissioners before or by April 22nd
  • TBD - Gallery Show at Fulton County Welcome Center and Museum: Dates TBD but first part of May. This will be open for a week to allow parents and children to see all artwork. Winners will be recognized. (Ohio mandates will need to be followed (social distancing, mask wearing, etc.)
  • Commissioner’s submit 12 winners to NACo by May 31st


  • Only Fulton County students, USA citizens
  • 18 years of age or younger
  • Grades 1 through 12 in 2020-2021 academic year
  • Must be original artwork created in school year by one student

 Artwork Guidelines:

  • Submitted artwork must present a county activity that shows how “Counties Matter” and inspired by the sentence “I love my county because…”
  • The artwork must reflect some aspect of county government function, service or program, to celebrate National County Government Month.
  • The artwork must be horizontal 11”x8.5”. The most important elements of the artwork must not extend beyond 10.5”x8” to account for trimming during NACo calendar production.

 Judging Criteria:

  • Technical skill: The artwork must display artistic skill in painting, drawing or digital art (if digital it must be submitted as PDF/JPEG).
  • Creativity: The artwork must be original in its expression of a personal vision or voice. It must be the student's own work and cannot be plagiarized or in violation of any copyright.
  • Artist’s statement: Along with the artwork, each student is required to submit a statement explaining their artwork that explains how “Counties Matter” in their community or complete the sentence “I love my county because…”
  • Each entry must include the artist’s name, grade, school, county and contact information (for the student, a parent or guardian’s email address and phone number) and a teacher (email address and phone numbers).

 Deadline and Submission Requirements:

  • The competition submission period opens March 15, 2021, and closes April 12th, 2021 COB
  • Students must submit their artwork for consideration via email to laurenlester@fultoncountyoh.com or drop-off or mail to

Fulton County Commissioners

C/O Lauren Lester

152 S. Fulton St., Suite 270

Wauseon, OH 43567

  • The artwork must be submitted as original document or PDF/JPEG.
  • The artist’s written statement must include name, age, grade level, school, teacher or art teacher and contact information for a guardian or teacher must be submitted with artwork.
  • For digital art or graphic design submissions, the design must be 300 dpi and RGB color.
  • Only one submission per student is allowed.
  • There is no entry fee.


  • All submissions will be displayed during the Gallery at the Fulton County Welcome Center and Museum in May.
  • The 12 winners, 1 from each grade, will be displayed with ribbons.
  • The 12 winners will receive a t-shirt from the Commissioners.
  • Artwork will be showcased in the e-news Fulton County Focus, Fulton County website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
  • Fulton County Commissioners will submit winners to NACo for another contest.
    1. NACo contest winners will be published in NACo’s 18-month 2021-2022 “Counties Matter” calendar, which will be distributed to NACo members nationwide. Winners will also be announced in NACO’s publication, County News, and their artwork will be displayed at NACo’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

Videos (below)

  • Why Counties Matter
  • The Commissioners
  • Other County Departments
  • The History of Counties