Development Permit Application for Non-zoned Townships

Well, hi!  On this page is the development permit application PDF for the non-zoned townships of Dover, Gorham, Pike, Royalton, and portions of Swancreek.  If you are not located in these townships, please return to the Regional Planning Commission's homepage and refer to the tabs located on the lefthand side to find your township.  If you are unsure whether or not you are in the zoned portion of Swancreek, please email or call the Planning Commission or Swancreek Township for that information.

The application can be completed electronically or by hand and submitted to the Planning Commission.  The development permit application fee is $50.  At this time, the Planning Commission cannot accept online payments, so please submit cash or check with the application.

Let's get building, y'all!

The pond permit application is included in the development permit application listed below.

Development Permit Application for Dover, Gorham, Pike, Royalton, & Portions of Swancreek