Education Program Links

Nationally-known Environmental Education Curricula and Projects

Ag in the Classroom

Earth Force

GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment from NASA and NOAA)

Healthy Water, Healthy People (learning modules for grades 6-12 from International Project WET, The Water Course, and Hach Scientific). See also correlations to Ohio's Academic Content Standards for science education. EPA

Leopold Education Project

Project Food, Land and People

Project Greenskate

Project Learning Tree

Project WET

Project WILD

Water Conservation at Home

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands

Outdoor Classrooms/Land Labs/Wildlife Gardens

Classroom Feeder Watch at Cornell

Identifying Ohio trees, from Ohio Public Library Information Network and Ohio Historical Society

Journey North

Monarch Watch at University of Kansas

National Audubon Society

National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitats

National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitats

Raptors in the City (includes Cleveland Peregines)

National Gardening Association (includes grants)

Calculating Your Environmental Impact

US Dept of Energy Site - Click on Side by Side(shows miles per gallon, fuel consumption, cost, greenhouse gas emissions in tons and EPA Air pollution score by vehicle)

Air Quality, Climate Change

Air Defenders curriculum on open burning of solid waste, from Wisconsin Environmental Health Association

AIRNow Joint website of US EPA, NOAA/National Weather Service, NASA, National Park Service, and Environment Canada - for the latest air quality monitoring data in selected Ohio cities

Air Pollution - What's the Solution? modules for students in grades 6-12 utilizing realistic atmospheric and weather data, from US EPA, the Clean Air Association of Northeast States, and Stevens Institute of Technology

Energy Efficiency/Alternative Energy Sources

Columbus Green Building Forum

Clean Fuels Ohio

Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Mineral Resource Management

Ohio Energy Project

Green Energy Ohio

Going Green on Campus

Students' Guide to Global Warming

Explore Degrees in the Renewable Energy Field

More Solar and Clean Energy Resources

Green Tips for Homeowners: Making Your House and Yard Environmentally Friendly

How do Solar Panels Work?

45 Sustainability Resources You Need to Know

5 Ways to Go Green at Home

Environmental Health and Safety

Health and Safety section of US EPA's High School Environmental Center(includes asthma, lead, mercury, pesticides, radon, sun protection)

Ohio Environmental Health Association

Wastes and Recycling

Ohio EPA Division of Hazardous Waste Management

Waste & Recycling section of US EPA's High School Environmental Center

A Guide to Recycling Around The Home

Environmental Home Remodeling: Recycling and Composting

How to Recycle Anything

Composting for an apartment or condo

How to Properly Dispose of Your Mattress

Water Quality

Healthy Water, Healthy People middle and high school curriculum from Project WET

Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters