About Us

A Public Agency:

The Fulton SWCD is a public agency specializing in helping people conserve our natural resources. We can help you plant a windbreak. We can help you install conservation practices. You can become an Earth Team Volunteer. Here's who we are:

The Fulton SWCD is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Soil and Water Conservation. Each one of Ohio's 88 counties has a local district office. The Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District is ready to assist in any way possible.


Organized in December 1948 as the 69th district in Ohio. A quality environment is the goal of the Fulton SWCD. To attain this, the supervisors and staff work to educate the residents of the county on all aspects of conservation, whether it is no-till farming, grassed waterways, or planting trees. To do this, we sponsor or help sponsor a wide variety of clinics, workshops, and camps. We give speeches at civic groups and farmer organizations. We educate school classes on soil erosion and prevention. Newsletters are also published for the public. Many services are offered through our office such as wildlife development, engineering for erosion control structures, and conservation equipment rental.

How We Are Funded:

Fulton SWCD is funded by the Fulton County Commissioners and The Ohio General Assembly. All local government grants are matched by the state of Ohio to support SWCD operations, conservation programs, and resource management initiatives. Additionally, we work closely with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and ODA Division of Soil and Water Conservation. With these resources, Fulton SWCD is a vehicle for bringing local governments and residents together to address natural resource conservation challenges.