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Job Search Assistance
Our resource room is equipped with many tools to assist you with your job search needs. We have books, pamphlets, tip-sheets, internet accessible computers, telephones, newspapers and related materials for your use.

Individual Skills Assessment
Have you ever wondered what skills you possess...what you really do well? If so, PESCO can help you. This assessment tool uses computerized assessments to address the following: general abilities; verbal abilities; numerical abilities; clerical aptitude; spatial ability; form perception; color discrimination; eye, hand, foot coordination; finger dexterity; manual dexterity; motor coordination; reasoning, math, and language skills; reading levels; life concerns; work concerns; job temperaments; learning styles; vocational interest; and work attitudes. All of these work together to help you determine the skills you currently possess and the aptitude you have for increasing those skills.

Training Information
There are opportunities available for those who meet the eligibility requirements through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) for occupational skills training. For those clients who do not meet WIOA's eligibility requirements we have resources and information from a variety of area training institutions and possible funding solutions.

Computer Lab
Our lab is equipped with the latest technology and software, color printer and projector. Software programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook & Access. You can enhance your skill level by working through our Self-guided Microsoft Tutorials. All computers are internet accessible for your job search use. 

Labor Market Information
Your source for reports and data about employment levels, unemployment rates, wages and earnings, employment projections, jobs, training resources, and careers.

Career Resources & Job Search Tools
Links to web-sites devoted to career and job search information, including: resumes, job searches, interviewing, occupational information, profiles on employers, local job listings and more. 

OhioMeansJobs is Ohio's new web based job matching system. It is available in a self-service version for job seekers who wish to enter their own registration information, browse existing job orders and save job searches. Employers may use the self-service version to enter and manage their own job orders, which OhioMeansJobs staff may use to match and screen candidates for the employer, or to search and view resumes from online job seekers.