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Family Programs
Pregnancy-Related Services
Pregnancy related services is a package of services available to all pregnant women who are Medicaid eligible. The services promote a healthy pregnancy with positive birth outcomes, including extensive pregnancy counseling and education, nutrition counseling, and care coordination (medical case management).

These services are provided in addition to regular prenatal care. For women enrolled in a managed care plan, they have representatives to help the pregnant woman also.

Child Care
If you are working or attending school, you may qualify for child care assistance. Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC) certifies Type B day care homes to provide child care services. Customers can qualify for assistance to cover all or part of the day care cost. 

Child Support
Fulton County Child Support Enforcement Agency Services include but are not limited to:
  • Cooperate in requests to provide child support services to other state and foreign governments
  • Enforcement of support orders
  • Establishing paternity
  • Establishment of support orders and modification of existing support orders
  • Identification, collection, distribution, and disbursement of child support
  • Location or relocation of absent parents

Call the office of Job & Family Services for more information (419) 337-0010.

Healthchek offers preventative health care free to all Medicaid eligible individuals through 20 years old. Services include physical exams, dental care, vision, and hearing services.