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Calculating Your Real Estate Tax
Sample Calculation

Auditor's Market (100%0 Value 100,00.00  
Multiply by 35%
Equals taxable value 35,000.00  
Taxable value 35,000.00  
Multiply by effective tax rate
Gross full year tax 1,731.78


Divide by 2 (equals half year tax) 865.89  
Multiply by 10% rollback -86.59  
Multiply by 2.5% homestead rollback -21.65  
Minus homestead exemption **(if applicable)
Equals the half year net tax 757.65  
Plus any special assessments (if applicable) N/A  
Equals half tax due 757.65  
To qualify for the 2.5% homestead rollback, the owner of the property must reside in the home.    
To qualify for the homestead exemption, the following criteria must be met:    
  • 65 or older or permanently disabled and you must own and live in the residence receiving the exemption.
  • Be a surviving spouse between 59-64 whose property was already receiving the exemption.
  • File an application for exemption with the Auditor by the first Monday in June. (Applications are available thru the Auditor's office)