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ADM Average Daily Membership
BSF Bittersweet Farms
BSVI Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (See BVR) funds specifically, individuals with visual impairments
BVR Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, State funding to adjust individuals with physical, mental, emotional disabilities obtain and maintain employment
CAFS Community Alternative Funding System
CM Case Management
COEDI Children's Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument
COG Council of Governments
COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
DC Developmental Center
DD Developmental Disability
DH Developmental Handicap
DOL Department of Labor
EC Early Childhood
ECS Early Childhood Specialist
EI Early Intervention
FSS Family Support Services
HL Habilitation Leader
HMG Help Me Grow
HCBS Home and Community Based Services
HCFA Health Care financing Administration
IO WAIVER Individual Options Waiver (Medicaid Waiver)
ICFMR Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
IEP Individualized Educational Plan
IFSP Individualized Family Service Plan
IIF Individualized Information Form
IP Individualized Plan
ISP Individual Service Plan
LOC Level of Care
MAC Medicaid Administrative Claiming
MD Multiple Disabilities
MH Multihandicapped
MR Mental Retardation
MUI Major Unusual Incident
NF Nursing Facility
NOCAC Northwest Ohio Community Action Commission
NOWAC Northwest Ohio Waiver Administration Council
NWOESC Northwest Ohio Educational Services Center
OAC Ohio Administrative Code
OACBMR/DD Ohio Association of County Board of MR/DD
OASCBMR/DD Ohio Association Superintendents County Board of MR/DD
OBN Ohio Board of Nurses
ODE Ohio Department of Education
ODMR/DD Ohio Department of MR/DD
ODJFS Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services
OEDI Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument
ORC Ohio Revised Code
O.T. Occupational Therapy
PASRR Preadmission Screening Resident Review
PAWS Payment Authorization for Waiver Services
PICT Preliminary Implementation Component Tool
P.I.E. Partners in Employment
PIP Partners in Parenting
PS/BM Production Manager/Business Manager
P.T. Physical Therapy
PW PeopleWorks
QA Quality Assurance
QIP Quality Improvement Plan
QMRP Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
QRC Quadco Rehabilitation Center
R.E.A.C.H. Reaching Everyone's Aptitudes, Capabilities and Horizons
RFP Request for Proposals
RSC Rehabilitation Services Commission, State organization which disperses state/federal dollars to BVR/BSVI
SC Service Coordinator
SCHIP State Children's Health Insurance Program
SSA Service and Support Administrator
SIP Senior Interest Program
SL Supported Living
TCM Targeted Case Management
TP Triangular Processing Inc.
TXX Title XX
UIR Unusual Incident Report
VHP Vocational Habilitation Programmer
VSD Vocational Services Director
WAC Waiver Administrative Claiming