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Fulton County Seal
Weights & Measures
The Fulton County auditor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used commercially and that all state laws are strictly enforced. This includes checking price verification systems (scanners) and packages, such as meats, firewood, mulch, and milk. Other devices such as gas pumps and store scales are also reviewed to verify their accuracy.

If a device is found to be inaccurate, the auditor can reject the device, condemn the device, or in extreme cases, confiscate the device.

As the sealer of weights and measures, the auditor, protects the consumer, as well as the seller, by ensuring that each measuring device is accurate. This saves each household hundreds of dollars in overcharges each year.

Consumer Tips
  • Ask the clerk to check the price if you think the scanned price is incorrect.
  • Contact the seller before burning any wood if there is a problem.
  • If using a credit card while buying gas, make sure you are billed the amount on the pump.
  • Measure your firewood before using any.
  • When buying gasoline check the price by multiplying the number of gallons or liters by the unit price. Be sure this shows as the total due. 
  • When buying products in the store, watch the scale to be sure the weight is set at zero. 

To file a complaint, please contact the Auditor's office (419) 337-9637.